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Embedded control systems for Microturbines

Ansaldo Energia, Italy, manufactures MicroTurbines in which a gas turbine is used to produce electricity and heat. The control and supervision is handled by a local MicroController XC system, mounted within the cubicle.

The control consists of a MicroController XC01 system with one IO expansion card SCC. The XC01 units are slightly modified to satisfy the safety requirements in the gas turbine. The freely programmable WEB page in the MicroController XC01 is used to monitor remote units via PSTN and GSM modems. The built-in local router connects to the power electronics in the turbine to get crash recordings and alarms the same way.
All programming and configuration is done by Turbec’s own control engineers. Up to this date there are about 300 MicroTurbines delivered, all controlled by MicroController XC01.
Please contact Turbec SPA for more information on MicroTurbines controlled by MicroController XC01.