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Microcontroller XC05IX. A taste of the future !

  • Compact size ( 128 x 80 x 65 mm )

  • Robust adaptive control

  • MODELICA simulation

  • Graphical programming

  • Prepared for IoT

  • Linux based

Data sheet XC05ix (pdf)
Modelica simulation in XC05ix (pdf)
XC05ix PLC presentation (pdf)
XC05ix PLC manual (pdf)
FirstOPNET HMI manual (pdf)

A Super-intelligent Control System in a small box

First Control introduce a new type of control system where all the normal disciplines used in the design of control systems are integrated into one standard compact box . Unlike all other control systems on the market, we have added robust adaptive regulators, process model Modelica simulation, graphical programming and safe IoT connection. The purpose is to reduce engineering costs and improve the process control. The XC05ix control system has the same capacity as a large system and can therefore be used in different ways:

  • General automation. The system is based on a full scale control system we have used in many years in steel mills and energy plants and have all the safety protection that is required in such systems. Programming will be much faster – and simpler- than with conventional PLC systems If you want to optimze the performance you can use the built-in adaptive control package and process simulation based on the Modelica standard.
  • Embedded application. The unit contains all the functions you may need in a system design. The library includes about 160 modules for logics, mathematical calculation, statistics, signal filtering, database handling, classical regulators, adaptive regulators, signal filtering, communication etc. We can easily add more objects at request.
  • Education and research. You can simulate your process or machine in real time. Any model expressed in the commonly used Modelica language is accepted. Students can run classical regulators and adptive regulators in a realistic training setup before they apply it to a to a physical process by adding IO units.

    Since the system is based on low-cost standard hardware we can offer a very competitive price.

    This is what you get with XC05:

    The XC05 contains a number of advanced features which are not found in any other PLC systems. More such features will be developed soon and offered to users.

    Adaptive Techniques

    Adaptive techniques

    The diagram shows the improvement in an old cold rolling mill when First Control introduced the adaptive techniques. Each point in the diagram shows the average value of max strip thickness deviations during one month. The final result is considerably better than what can be achieved today in completely new mills with conventional  model based control.

    The self-tuning regulators are based on techniques developed by researchers at Lund Institute of Technology under the leadership of the legendary Professor Karl Johan Åström. The role of First Control has been to make the general self-tuning regulators robust enough for industrial use and understandable for normal engineers not familiar with adaptive control.

    The improvements First Control has achieved in metallurgical processes are remarkable and has been in the area of 50-75% less variations in controlled variables compared to conventional non-adaptive techniques. The same improvements can be expected in other areas.  To this date there are more than 500 self-tuning controllers installed in various processes.

    Real-time simulation with MODELICA

    Real-time simulation with MODELICA

    In the example above we are using a dynamical system of second order with a time delay which is controled by a simple PID regulator. To make it more realistic, a measurement noise is added to the measurement value. The sytem creates a graphical object ”Modelica” with inputs and outputs, see in the middle above, The signal values are shown in curves selectable on-line, as the step response displayed above,

    Any process model created with the Modelica language can be loaded to the XC05 unit for real-time simulation.  The model may run at the same time as the unit is controlling a physical process. The user can thus  verify his control strategy with the model before he applies it to the real process.  He can also construct his own control object as long as it is expressed  in the Modelica language.

    For instance a  Boiler model with about 100 internal states could be run without any problems.


    Graphical programming on-line

    Graphical programming on-line

    All programming and configuration is controlled by a project tree which describes all running data.

    First Control introduces a new principle of programming control systems that will heavily reduce engineering time. The principle is based on a target system where you immediately see the effects of what you are doing. The target system may be a physical target as an  XC05 or an emulated version installed on your PC.

    At the same moment you open an application program or a configuration page, it is updated from the target system. The programming you make will be directly alive in the target and the documentation is updated automatically.  Every change you make will in principle be alive momentarily in the target without disturbing  the running functions.


    Automatic code generation

    Automatic code generation

    In the example above, which describes a page with an adaptive regulator, the objects are sorted and will be executed from left to right in the order decided by the sequencing algorithm.

    XC05 is programmed graphically in a way that is much simpler than conventional PLC programming –  and much safer. You select objects from the local function library and connect them together with the mouse pointer into a control scheme. All objects are then automatically sorted in a correct execution  order depending how they are connected to each other.

    Logical connection errors and impossible (non-causal) solutions are automatically blocked by the automatic sequencer.


    Automatic code generation