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First Operator Net - as simple as it can get !

Designed with users

DCS system for Cold Rolling Mill

DCS system for Energy production

Modular system design!

First Control has now taken a new big step in control system design, introducing the FirstOpNet DCS system consisting of a Scada network and MicroController XC adaptive control systems.

The system is designed to be easy to use by any control engineer without special software skill. All programming work can be done in the running system and any change will be active immediately.

The modularized nature of the system makes it extremely easy to expand and unsensitive to network errors. Each part is working and no data is lost, even if contact with global servers are lost.

Highlights !


  • Modular structure which is easy to expand
  • Automatic backup of all functions
  • Simple network configuration
  • Simple programming on-line
  • Safe operator commands over networks
  • Easy database configuration with MS Excel
  • Easy object configuration with MS Excel
  • Easy picture design in running stations
  • Operator pictures accept different screen sizes
  • Multiple and distributed databases for higher safety
  • Fast signal data update throughout the network
  • Central library of operator windows
  • Automatic update of operator windows
  • Powerful alarm handling
  • High-quality historical data in SQL
  • Operates on local and distant networks
  • GSM-modem to distant networks
  • OPC bridge to external clients
  • Open communications to other suppliers
  • Powerful self-tuning control .

System modules


  • Operator client
    local operator station which works even if the servers are not alive.
  • Signal server
    coordinator of signal data and operator commands between clients.
  • File server
    global library of operator windows and files accessible by all clients in the network.
  • Alarm server
    coordinator of all global alarms and events in the network.
  • Protocol servers
    communication bridges to MicroController XC and other control systems connected to the network.
  • System communication
    OPC Server/Client for communication with other system platforms.
  • SQL logger
    high quality production data is stored in the global SQL server with SPC measures. Local backup.
  • Production reports
    a general report generator which also follows the rules for enviromental reports to swedish authorities.
  • Network Diary
    process operators and production personnel report all events to a common diary in a SQL server.
  • Production replay
    The Operator client has a built-in replay function which shows what really happened also serveral months afterwards.

Joakim Örneskans at First Control is the inventor of the FirstOpNet conecpt.The system has been developed
in cooperation with customers.