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MicroController XC - PLC system with self-tuning regulators

Microcontroller XC PLC
The MicroController XC PLC units have the functional power of a large system despite its compact size.

Each  unit contains all the software and hardware you need for a control task, including First Control’s awarded adaptive regulators.

Advanced control functions

Each unit has a large library of intelligent control functions, which you can use to make an efficient control design. In addition to standard automation components, you can use First Control’s awarded adaptive regulators, classical PID regulators and high order signal filters.

Local safe operative

Unlike most other PLC systems, the MicroController XC is controlled and supervised by a local safe operative. This also means that the unit can be safely programmed through a distant connection. All changes can be made completely online in running programs. A new or edited application program will always be loaded within one program cycle, which may be 1 msec.

Local function library

The MicroController XC is completely object oriented with function blocks stored inside the unit . Programming means connecting control objects to each other in a control scheme and filling in the object properties. The graphical documentation is then automatically generated by the FirstDoc programming tool, see example below.

Automatic object sequencer

The internal object sequencer will order the control objects in a correct execution order by the way they are connected to each other in the application program. In this way, hard-found errors due to undefined data are avoided.  In case there is an erroneous or open connection, the local operative will alert the programmer and prevent the application program from being loaded.

Programming example
One page (out of 28) taken from a program controlling the hydraulic position in a rolling mill. The program is run with 2 msec cycling.


PLC Units

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MicroController XC01
PLC for general automation

MicroController XC02
PLC for special applications

MicroController XC03
PLC for steel applications

MicroController XC04
Soft PLC

MicroController XC05ix
PLC with MODELICA simulatoin

IO Expansion

See also….

MAN-XC01/09 Adaptive control in MicroController XC systems (pdf 186kB)..

System features

Control Hardware

  • Multiprocessor architecture
  • Ethernet, CAN, WEB
  • RS232,485,GSM,Siox,Modbus RTU
  • Analog inputs/outputs 16 or 12 bit
  • 200kHz frequency measurement
  • 4.8MHz pulse counting
  • 24VDC Digital inputs/outputs

System Software

  • Inside safe operative
  • Multitasking with 10 priority levels
  • Internal signal databases
  • Engineering signal types
  • Automatic object sequencer
  • Several clocking types (time, pulse, software)

Control Software

  • Easy block configuration
  • On-line programming
  • Self-tuning regulators
  • Classical regulators
  • Inside extensive function library

Operator Software

  • Automatic documentation
  • FirstOp operator stations
  • FirstOp terminals
  • OPC server/client
  • Inside extensive function library