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Modelica simulation in XC05ix

How simple it is !

 Dynamic simulation with Modelica
 ✔  Simple graphical programming
 Realistic and safe control design
 Robust adaptive control
 ✔  Reduced engineering time
 Full size industrial control system
 Flexible use with industrial standard

Using MODELICA in XC05ix

Running the process model in real-time environment directly in the control system is a much more realistic approach than using off-line simulation and will also save you a lot of engineering time. Since the simulation is continous you can do all the changes in the control functions you want duringrunning and obeserve the outcome, just as you do when you control a physical process. Any process model created with the Modelica language can be loaded into the XC05 unit for real-time simulation. The model may run at the same time as the XC05 unit is controlling a physical process.. Runnng the model inside the PLC unit gives the user many new opportunities:

 ✔  Developing embedded control systems without the need of extensive tests of C-code.
 ✔  Developing the control startegy in a realistic environment on-line
 ✔  Optimizing the control performance wih built-in self-tuning regulators
 ✔  Verifying the control functions before applying them to the physical process
 ✔  Detecting changes in the process by identifying deviations from a designed model
 ✔  Training unit for students in control engineering

The simulation capacity is very large, e.g. a Boiler model with about 100 internal states could be run
down to about 3 msec cycling. The model can be generated off-line with any simulation tool that
describes the model in the Modelica language. With the normal XC05 programming tool for XC05 you
load and integrate the model with all the other control functions you have created in the XC05. How
this is done is briefly described below, for more details we refer to the First Graph Manual which you
can find on our web site.

The XC05 control system

The XC05 control system is a new intelligent IoT unit developed by First Control where several disciplines used by engineers and researchers are integrated into a small compact box. In addition to the normal automation functions, the unit contains built-in process simulation, self-tuning regulators, statistics according to the SPC standard and all the normal mathematic functions you may need. The basic purpose is to achieve better control with less engineering effort.