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First Control introduces a new super-intelligent control system!

 XC05ix is a taste of the future !

 ✔ Full size industrial control system

 ✔ Robust adaptive control

 ✔ Dynamic simulation with Modelica

 ✔ Flexible use with industrial standard

 ✔ Simple graphical programming

 ✔ Automatic local code generator

 ✔ Very large program capacity

 ✔ Software with safety protection

 ✔ Down to 0.5 msec

A Super-intelligent Control System in a small box

The XC05ix control system is an intelligent IoT unit where we have integrated several disciplines used by engineers and researchers into a small compact box. The following is included:

  • Learning function including general self-tuning regulators
  • Real-time dynamic simulation using the Modelica language
  • Simple graphical programming with automatic code generation
  • Safe communication on the Internet or in a local network.

The self-tuning regulators are general purpose with up to 20 model parameters which can be used for both feedback and feedforward control .

The XC05 unit has a vey wide usage:

  •  General process automation with reduce engineering costs and more accurate control
  •  Embedded system for more complicated processes and machines.
  •  Technology transfer to other automation systems
  •  Research tool to optimize the performance of a specific process
  •  Education for students in control engineering
  • Since the system is based on low-cost standard hardware we can offer a very competitive price.