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MicroController XC03

Adaptive PLC for steel applications

Special features

  • Advanced control library
  • Adaptive regulators
  • High order signal filters
  • High resolution analog signals
  • High speed pulse counting
  • High speed data transfer
  • FirstGraph for easy programming
  • Modbus TCP ethernet communication
  • Fast UDP ethernet communication
  • Fast operator interface

MicroController XC03 was originally designed to fit applications in rolling mills, but it can also be used in any application where high accuracy is needed. All analog signals are bipolar and made with 16 bit resolution to improve control accuracy. Four pulse counters (4.8Mhz) are added interfacing position measurements from a SonyMagnascal sensor or similar.
The unit is programmed in the same way as other MicroController XC units and the softwares are compatible

Installation example

In a Colled Rolling Mill there are normally three MicroController XC03 units with dedicated tasks (Hydraulics, AGC and general automation). Fast data transfer below 10 msec is made with the internal system bus (CAN) with guaranteed data transfer within 0.25 msec. Other data transfer is made using the local ethernet network.

Signal interface

1 Ethernet bus for general communication
1 CAN bus for IO expansion
1 CAN bus for system communication
2 RS485 serial bus
1 RS232 serial bus
Modbus TCP slave/master
Modbus RTU slave/master
OPC Server/Client via special software
Process signals
16/8 Analog bipolar inputs, single/diff, 16 bit, +/-10V, 0-20mA
8 Analog outputs, 16 bit, +/-10V, 0-20mA
2 Pulse counter inputs, max 200 kHz
4 Pulse counter inputs, max 4.8 Mhz
16 Digital inputs, 24VDC
16 Digital outputs, 24VDC
Programming Tools
FirstGraph programming and configuration
IO expansion units
KX3 expanison unit (max 4) connected to CAN-bus, 16AI, 12AO, 20DO, 12DI
IO external components
WAGO components for IO expansion
ANYBUS components for field bus interface
Phoenix components for IO Expansion
SIOX components for IO expansion

Normally communication is made with a Modbus TCP connection for external components. Siox components is connected to the local Siox bus on the unit.