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MicroController XC02

Adaptive PLC for special applications

Special features



  • Fast operator interface
    The unit is integrated with the FirstOpNet Scada system via a fast UDP ethernet link with data transfer down to 5 msec if needed
  • Advanced control library
    The unit contains locally an advanced control library with Adaptive regulators, classical PID regulators, high order ITAE, Butterworth and Bessel signal filters in addition to all the normal automation modules
  • Large CPU capacity
    The unit is equipped with a faster CPU that improves computing capacity about 5 time

MicroController XC02 was originally designed for a specific embedded application where more computing power was required, but it can be used in any automation. The base unit does not contain process IO on its own. The process signals are all connected via extension card KX3 and external expansion components.

The unit is programmed in the same way as other MicroController XC units and the softwares are compatible.

Signal interface


  • Communication
    1 Ethernet bus for general communication
    1 CAN bus for IO expansion
    2 RS422 serial bus for Modbus RTU master/slave
    1 RS232 serial bus for Support/SLIP via GSM
  • IO expansion units
    KX3 expansion unit (max 4) connected to CAN-bus, 16AI, 12AO, 20DO, 12DI
  • IO external components
    External components supported by First Control
    WAGO components for general IO expansion
    SIOX components for general IO expansion
    ANYBUS components for general fieldbus interface