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MicroController XC01

Adaptive PLC for general automation

Special features




  • Local extensive function library
  • Adaptive control
  • FirstGraph for easy programming
  • Modbus TCP ethernet
  • communication
  • Fast UDP ethernet communication
  • Fast operator interface
  • Local WEB site
  • Serial TCP/IP via GSM
  • Local router for distance networks

The MicroController XC01 unit was originally designed to fit standard applications in the energy area, but it can also be used in any general automation. The capacity of the unit is about 80 controlled process objects and regulators. The process objects are normally motor drives, pumps, valves etc. The regulators may be adaptive or classical PID.

Installation example

Installation in a large Biogas plant controlled by five MicroController XC units with fieldbus connections and expansion IO.

Signal interface

  • Communication
    1 Ethernet bus for general communication
    1 CAN bus for IO expansion
    1 CAN bus for system communication
    2 RS485 serial bus with Modbus RTU
    1 RS232 serial bus for WEB/SLIP via GSM
    1 Siox field bus for distributed IO
    Modbus TCP slave/master
    Modbus RTU slave/master
  • Process signals16/8 analog inputs single/diff, 12bit, 0-10V,0-20mA
    2 thermocoupler inputs
    1 Pt100 analog input
    6 analog outputs, 12 bit, 0-10V, 0-20mA
    16 digital inputs 24VDC
    8 digital outputs relay
    8 digital outputs 24VDC
  • IO expansion units
    KX3 expansion unit 16 AI,12 AO, 20 DO, 12 DI
    SCC expansion unit, the same mix as the base unit
  • Programming tools
    FirstGraph programming and configuration
  • External components
    WAGO components for IO expansion
    ANYBUS components for field bus interface
    Phoenix components for IO Expansion
    SIOX components for IO expansion

Normally communication is made with a Modbus TCP connection. Siox components is connected to the local Siox bus on the unit and is directly supported in PLC software