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First Operator Net HMI - as simple as it can be !

Modular design to be used by everybody!

The FirstOPNet graphical station is a unique operator platform which can be configured by any control engineer without special software skills. It is based on First Controls experience of control systems in several disciplines and in a close cooperation with customers. For example, we have reused the experience from PLC systems where programming must be done safely when the system is running. Our experience from controlling many difficult processes has given us the insight how to generate high-quality production data based on statistical methods.


The station can be used as an advanced graphical station in research projects with the XC05 control system (PLC) which accepts Modelica simulation models , as a stand-alone operator station for a single process or as a local client in a distributed scada network (FirstOPNet).


  • Easy configuration techniques which can be used by any control engineer without special programming skills. There is thus no need for special system programming or compilations.

  • All design is made in the running station which is a huge advantage for the user since he will directly see the effects of what he is doing. This means that everything is visible directly after it is done and that the station is working also during a design stage.

  • A powerful object library for any type of normal animation. The customer may also build his own face plate library to interface his process objects.

  • Production data is generated by statistical methods (SPC) which analyze data at high speed down to a few msec if needed. This means that all process changes will always be included in the production data.

  • Production replay function means that the whole internal database is continuously stored in local compressed files down to a few msec if needed. This means that all actions in the station can be retrieved in detail also several months afterwards. In a rolling mill installation we could replay the situation in detail down to 50 msec in all production during two years.

  • A distributed FirstOpNet scada network can be configured by the user himself. The operator windows may be shared by all other clients connected to a common file server which contains a library of all windows used in the network.

    Joakim Örneskans at First Control is the inventor of the FirstOpNet conecpt.The system has been developed in cooperation with customers.