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FirstGraph - a new way of programming control systems

FirstGraph introduces a new principle of programming control systems which will heavily reduce engineering time for an automation task

Joakim Örneskans the system manager at First Control in”soft-wiring” a control application. 

Multitasking control schemes with adaptive control

Most other PLC systems are sequence machines. The MicroController XC creates true multi-tasking control schemes. The execution order is automatic generated and is based on how the different control objects are grouped and connected to each other.  Automatic sequencing is a very strong feature of the MicroController XC which prevents many hard found errors.

You “soft-wire” your application programs by pointing on signal connections with the mouse pointer to create a control scheme. The objects in the control scheme are fetched from a local function library stored in the target itself. Besides the normal automation functions the library also includes First Controls awarded adaptive controllers and other efficient control functions.

The project tree gives a complete overview of the application project.. 

Programming with an alive target

The principle is based on a target system where you immediately see the effects of what you are doing.The target system can either be a MicroController PLC or an emulated version installed in your PC. No matter which target you are using, the result will be the same. The target and the tool are directly connected to each other and contain the same data.
At the same moment you open an application program or a configuration page, it is updated from the target system. The programming you make willl also be directly alive in the target. When you finish your programming you also have a complete documentation of your automation project. This also means that you can document a completely unknown project application in a few seconds by just connecting FirstGraph to it.