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First Operator Net - for regional energy production

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A complete system for district heating!

The production system in Jönköping Huskvarna region is distributed over almost 150 km and consists of about 50 production unit. About 80% is today controlled and supervised by the FirstOpNET DCS system. The system is propably one the most modern and well functioning on the market.


First Control has developed a complete DCS system for energy production. A full-scale installation has been done at Jönköping Energy in the middle of Sweden.


The modernization has been made in close cooperation with the production. The system is designed to be easy to use and support by the company’s own electrical engineers. The unique modularized nature of the system makes it very unsensitive to network or computer problems. Each part is working and no data is lost even if contact with the global servers is lost.

The energy package includes:

  • Operation center for the region
  • Historical production database SQL
  • Production reports
  • Pollution reports to authorities
  • Fuel planning and supervision
  • Network diary for production personnel
  • Central servers for signals, alarms and pictures
  • Local operator stations
  • Supervision of distant units with GSM
  • Control system for many energy
  • processes
  • Supervision of weighbridges for fuel
  • transports

Energy processes controlled

+ Oil boilers
+ Heat pumps
+ Booster stations
+ Woodchip boilers
+ Biofuel boiler
+ Hot water centrals
+ Pump Station
+ Electric boilers
+ Weighbridge
+ Biogas plant
+ Water power stations

The installation in Jönköping has successively expanded to cover the whole region. The development work has been done in close cooperation with the production personnel to get a system that is easy to use and easy to support. The system has been designed so that most of the application work can be done by production personnel. The total signal database today contains about 35000 tags. The data communication throughout the production network is more or less immediate (below 0.5 sec).

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