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Embedded systems

MicroController XC saves your time and money!

You get a full sized control system with a large function library including First Control’s awarded adaptive regulators in a small package.
You have access to the same powerful tools as are used for large plants. You can start the development almost immediately by your own control engineers with our support.
You will have access to solutions from a large number of installations made by First Control. We can also make changes in software and hardware to fit your application and add special functions for a moderate cost.



  • Full sized control system
  • Compact package
  • Easy mounting
  • Self-tuning regulators
  • Standard programming tool
  • Automatic documentation
  • Easy block programming

  • Local safe operative
  • All normal process IO included
  • Ethernet, CAN, RS485, RS232
  • WEB interface
  • Router interface
  • FirstOpNet embedded operator interface
  • Low cost production in large volumes

Compact Hardware

The MicroController base unit consists of one fully equipped IO card and a CPU card attached to it. The special hardware structure makes the unit very compact and easy to modify for a special embedded task. Since the number of cards are few, the system is easy to produce in large volumes at low costs.

Look at examples of embedded solutions with the MicroController XC system:

»Embedded solutions for MicroTurbines

»Embedded solution for Silicon Furnaces