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Do you want to be a partner to First Control ?

First Control’s products will add features that other systems do not have, which will strengthen your own position on the market.

The system has mainly been used with selected customers within our regional market here in Sweden and some OEM customers in Italy and USA. We now intend to broaden our market. We know that our systems are very useful in many areas. We are looking for your help to build the project and market resources that are needed

We need distributors for

MicroController XC
We offer a powerful PLC with adaptive control functions which can be used for all types of automation and control.
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We offer a complete DCS and Scada system which is very easy to use also by non-experts. The system can be used in any type of plant.
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Rolling Mills
We offer a complete DCS system with adaptive control functions.
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Continous Casting
We offer a complete adaptive control system for mould level and quality supervision of the production
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Energy production
We offer a complete DCS system for distributed energy production
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Fuel planning
We offer a system that supervises and plans the fuel deliveries to an energy plant from weighbridge to consumption
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Environmental reporting
We offer a system for environmental and production reports in energy production according to rules set by authorities
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Network Diary
We offer a common network diary for production personnel
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If you are machine supplier

We offer embedded solutions with adaptive PLC MicroController XC and FirstOpNet embedded.

Support via Internet

We make most of our support today via internet to the plants where we have made deliveries. We make a connection to our systems on site and can do almost everything that can be done locally. We even make comissionings of control systems this way.
We plan to support our partners in a similar way. Softwares can be sent by e-mail. Application support is made directly on a specific PLC or FirstOp Client.

Contact information

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