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The new control system XC05ix - A taste of the future

With Self-tuning control and MODELICA process simulation
A Closer Look

Our products

The new XC05ix with Self-Tuning control and Modelica Process simulation

The XC05 control system is an intelligent IoT unit where we have integrated several disciplines used by engineers and researchers into a small compact box.

Advanced graphical HMI

The FirstOPNet graphical HMI is a unique operator platform which can be configured by any engineer without special software skills

Control products

MicroController XC units have the functional power of a large system despite its compact size. Each unit contains all the software and hardware you need for a control task, including First Control’s awarded adaptive regulators.

What we offer

Continous casters

The self-tuning controller reduces mould level deviations with as much as 50-75% compared to conventional PID control.

Energy production

First Control has developed a complete DCS system for energy production. A full-scale installation has been done at Jönköping Energy in the middle of Sweden.

Rolling Mills

Experience from several installations shows that the self-tuning regulator reduces the thickness deviations by 50-75% compared to conventional thickness control.


Adaptive control and AI

Experience from a large number of installations shows clearly that First Control’s self-tuning regulators is superior to PID regulators. The improved control accuracy will in the end result in better production and less production waste.

FirstGraph programming tool

First Control presents a new graphical tool FirstGraph for programming MicroController XC systems which goes beyond everything you can find on the market. The tool gives you complete control of your application and will reduce the engineering time heavily.

Real-time simulation with MODELICA

Running the process model in real-time environment directly in the control system is a much more realistic approach than using off-line simulation and will also save you a lot of engineering time.

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