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First Control Systems AB

winner of IEEE CSS Technology award

Ängsgärdsg. 4, SE-721 30 Västerås, Sweden, Ph +46 21 417880  Fax +46 21 412810

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Intelligent control for optimal production!
All First Controls control products contain on-the-edge control techniques like self-learning and AI functions in addition to the normal automation functions. First Control has shown that the production is considerable improved by using such techniques.


XC05ix is a taste of the future!

First Control introduces a new super-intelligent control system!

In the new XC05ix control system we integrate several disciplines used in control system design in a small box:

Learning funtions with general self-tuning regulators

Real time process model simulation with any model descibed in the Modelica language.

Self-generated execution code defined by a graphical drawing

Extended ÎOT functions for safe communication on the Internet and in a local network

Standard PLC funtions for all types of automatiion.

The unit can be programmed by an ordinary control engineer without any special training in PLC programming. Since the unit is using standard hardware available on the marke we can offer very competitive prices,

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Read more about the XC05ix unit here. 

How to do real-time simulations

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Improving cold rolling mills!

First Control's adaptive control of strip thickness reduces steel strip deviations with as much as 50-75%. This is true both for old mills and completely new mills.


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Developing energy production for the future!

Jönköping Energy is a large supplier of heat and electricty in the middle of Sweden. First Control has developed a regionwide Scada system FirstOpNet and many local control systems with MicroController XC for various production units. Today the total systems includes three operator centers and more than 50 control systems.

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Embedded solutions!

A lot of power in a small package

Energy saving, cleaner and lots of power in a small package.  For Ansaldo Energia, who sells the high-quality MicroTurbine T100, the future is looking bright.  The are today more than 400 MicroTurbines installed somewhere in the world which are all controlled by First Control's technological PLC Microcontroller XC01.

Read more about MicroTurbines here.




Technical notes

Are adaptive control techniques good enough?

The company owner Dr Gunnar Bengtsson gives an overview of more than 25 years experience in using adaptive control techniques and other modern control methods in many different process.

"I am surprised that even today so many processes are controlled in an old-fashioned way" he says.
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FirstGraph - a new way of programming control systems

First Control presents a new graphical tool FirstGraph for programming MicroController XC systems which goes beyond everything you can find on the market. The tool gives you complete control of your application and will reduce the engineering time heavily.

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Joakim Örneskans at First Control  is responsible for the new  development .


Intelligent PLC with adaptive control


The MicoController XC system is a powerful technological PLC which improve the performance of your production process by using intelligent adpative controllers. The unit is very easy to program and is delivered with all the software and hardware needed for an automation task.

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Scada/DCS system
for non-experts


First Control offers a new DCS system FirstOpNet with distributed functions on all levels with almost unlimited expansion possibilities. The system is built up by standard modules and is easy to program also by non-experts.

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Self-tuning regulators improves accuracy by 50-75%


Self-tuning regulator
   in a control program

Self-tuning regulators are standard in the MicroController XC function libraryThe regulator automatically optimizes its controller parameters to changes in process dynamics. First Control is the only supplier that handles this technique to its full extent in a standard PLC

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